How Back Pain Originates in Men vs. Women

Did you know that women suffer from back pain much more often than men do? It’s unfortunate, but science has proven that it’s true. Physiology explains the reasons behind why that’s the case. In this Advantage Chiropractic blog, we will discuss the differences between men and women and how back pain originates for each.

Your back performs several key functions. It helps to protect body tissues, provide support, and facilitate your body’s movements. The lower back supports the weight of the upper half of the body. It also provides protection for organs in the abdomen and pelvis and provides cover for the spinal cord.

Reasons why women suffer back pain more frequently begins with the physical differences such as pelvic structures, hormone levels, pregnancy, post-menopausal, and menstrual cycles. Women are more likely to have back pain originate in the sacroiliac joint area which connects the sacrum to the pelvis. Coccydynia (pain in the tailbone area) is also more prevalent in women and is associated with acts such as childbirth.

There are other conditions that originate in the lower back area, and all have similar causes such as piriformis syndrome which begins when muscles spams push against the sciatic nerve. The piriformis is a large muscle located in your glute area.

For men, because their hips are generally smaller than women’s, working at a desk job often leads to an anterior pull on the pelvis that causes a condition known as tight hips. The pelvic tilt that involves tight hips often leads to a strain on the back that causes the pain.

Stress is actually a bigger cause of back pain in men because studies have shown that men respond to stress by mentally and physically shutting down. Doing so, leads to bad habits like poor sleep patterns and less exercise in addition to muscle tensions that occur naturally from stress. Combine these factors, and back pain from unwanted strain is a resulting occurrence.

The good news is that all of these conditions are treatable. And at Advantage Chiropractic, we specialize in treating each one. You do not have to suffer from back pain, so for an examination and treatment, schedule an appointment today.