3 Reasons to See a Chiropractor When Pregnant

Going to see a chiropractor is beneficial for many reasons, especially if you are pregnant. Almost all pregnant women experience increased aches and pains in their body whether that’s lower back pain or leg cramps which chiropractic care helps to relieve. However, many women are unsure of whether seeing a chiropractor is really needed or safe during pregnancy. In this blog post, Advantage Chiropractic explains three reasons why women should consider seeing a chiropractor when pregnant.

Three reasons to see a chiropractor when pregnant are:

  1. Improves pelvic alignment: As the baby grows, it is very easy for misalignments in the pelvic and other areas to form. This can affect the balance and positioning of the baby. Getting regularly adjusted helps to counteract the pelvic misalignments occurring. This can also be very beneficial when it comes time to the birth as the pelvis is already in a good alignment.
  2. Improves fetal positioning: When the baby starts to move around, their positioning can easily change. Getting chiropractic adjustments can help adjust the baby back in an optimal and more comfortable position, giving them more space. These types of adjustments are typically done in the later stages of pregnancy and help for an easier birthing process.
  3. Eases pregnancy symptoms: With pregnancy, a lot of unwanted symptoms come along with it. Acid reflux, swelling, and morning sickness are some of the most common and can be relieved with regular adjustments. Adjustments relieve nerve pressure which is a common reason for some of the side effects experienced.

Overall, getting regular adjustments is beneficial for many women – before and after the pregnancy. To see if you qualify for an adjustment, schedule a FREE consultation today.