What You Should Wear to See a Chiropractor

Have you made your first appointment with Advantage Chiropractic? Wondering what you should wear for your consultation or adjustment? Don’t worry – we have you covered! When seeing a chiropractor, it is important to wear the proper clothing pieces for more effective results. This blog post is dedicated to sharing what you should wear for your appointment to make you feel the most comfortable.

Here are five tips for what clothing items to pick out for your chiropractic session:

1. Opt for stretchy, light fabrics: For obvious reasons, stretchy clothing is more suitable for adjustments. This fabric allows you to move appropriately and feel like your best self again. Wearing stiff clothing pieces like jeans or heavy jackets will cause restricted motion which is never ideal.

2. Wear sneakers or tennis shoes: It is important that your feet are comfortable too! We suggest wearing sneakers or tennis shoes that you know won’t cause any pain throughout the session, and we recommend not wearing sandals or heels.

3. Avoid too many layers: In the wintertime, it can be an easy choice to wear a ton of layers to stay warm; however, with too many layers, it makes it much difficult for a chiropractor to do adjustments. If you must do layers, make sure they are easily removable with light clothing underneath.

4. Go for shorts or pants over skirts or dresses: Wearing a dress or skirt will not allow you to move freely into different positions which is why we would opt for shorts or pants. Sweatpants, leggings, or athletic shorts can make you feel more comfortable throughout the appointment.

5. Don’t wear jewelry or unnecessary accessories: Accessories can easily get in the way of an adjustment if not put away properly. If you must, make sure to only wear light jewelry and avoid dangle earrings or necklaces.

The more comfortable you can feel at your next chiropractic appointment – the better! This leads to better relaxation and healing of the body. If you are currently looking for a local chiropractor in the Triangle area, consider Advantage Chiropractic. Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your needs.